Secure a lifetime subscription to an AdGuard Family Plan for just £20.10

Secure a lifetime subscription to an AdGuard Family Plan for just £20.10, slashing 68% off the regular price.

In today’s digital world, the average person encounters thousands of ads daily while surfing the web. AdGuard steps in to give you control over your online experience, and its Family Plan takes it a step further, offering multi-device ad blocking, network protection, and content management. Snag a lifetime subscription to the AdGuard Family Plan for only £20.10.

With AdGuard’s Family Plan, you gain access to a robust ad blocker that efficiently eliminates pesky website banners, pop-ups, and video ads. Say goodbye to interruptions during your online activities, whether it’s streaming videos or browsing websites. Plus, if any ads slip through the cracks, AdGuard equips you with tools to manually block them.

Beyond ad blocking, AdGuard bolsters your cybersecurity defenses by shielding up to nine connected devices from malware, phishing attempts, and intrusive trackers. You can monitor and identify potential threats directly from the AdGuard app, ensuring a safer browsing experience for you and your family.

For parents concerned about their kids’ online safety, the AdGuard Family Plan offers customizable filters to restrict access to inappropriate or adult content. Whether it’s for educational purposes or leisurely browsing, you can tailor your children’s online environment with ease using the AdGuard app.

Enjoy an ad-free browsing experience, enhanced cybersecurity, and peace of mind regarding your family’s online activities with the lifetime AdGuard Family Plan, now available for just £20.10.



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