Zendaya Urges Viewers to Catch ‘Challengers’ Twice: Here’s Why


Following a glitzy worldwide press tour filled with tennis-inspired haute couture, Zendaya’s latest cinematic offering, “Challengers,” is finally hitting theaters. But heed the advice of the style icon with boundless charisma: this one warrants a second viewing.

Directed by the acclaimed Luca Guadagnino of “Call Me by Your Name” fame, “Challengers” isn’t merely a sports drama centered on tennis—it’s a scorching tale of one of cinema’s most riveting love triangles.

Zendaya takes the lead as teenage prodigy Tashi Duncan, whose remarkable talent catches the eye of major corporate sponsors even before turning pro. Caught in her orbit are two best friends, portrayed by Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor. Art Donaldson (Faist) is the golden boy of the court, playing fair in the game but not in his personal life. Meanwhile, Patrick Zweig (O’Connor) is the brash bad boy whose unpredictability adds spice to both the game and his relationships.

The question of whom Tashi will choose lingers throughout the film, with the script from Justin Kuritzkes treating her like a tennis ball volleying between the two ardent suitors. While she dates one and marries the other, the climax—featuring a championship match showdown between the two men—leaves her ultimate decision uncertain.

So, why does Zendaya insist on a second viewing of “Challengers”?

In a whirlwind of character-driven drama, palpable sexual tension, and a dynamic score from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, the film delivers a sensory overload. It’s no wonder that viewers may interpret the characters differently upon initial viewing than Zendaya did while embodying Tashi.

Throughout the press rounds, Zendaya has faced commentary labeling her character as a villain or dismissing Tashi’s integrity. However, she challenges these assertions, urging critics to revisit the film. Zendaya emphasizes that Art, portrayed by Faist, is the true antagonist, despite initial perceptions.

Joined by O’Connor, Zendaya argues that Art’s facade of amiability masks a deceptive nature. While delving into Art’s machinations risks spoilers, the script cleverly manipulates audience expectations, presenting Art as the affable counterpart while concealing his ulterior motives.

Upon a second viewing, audiences may uncover the intricate layers of deceit Art employs to manipulate his friend and romantic interest, shedding light on Patrick’s hidden vulnerabilities. Each subsequent viewing reveals new dimensions to the characters, inviting viewers to reassess their allegiances and interpretations.

Zendaya encapsulates the film’s allure during a press conference, highlighting its capacity to evoke shifting emotions and perspectives with each viewing. As she aptly puts it, “Challengers” is a cinematic enigma that challenges viewers to question everything, leaving them with more questions than answers.

“Challengers” is more than a mere film—it’s a captivating enigma woven from the tangled threads of flawed yet compelling characters. Much like revisiting a suspenseful thriller to unravel its mysteries, “Challengers” beckons audiences back for multiple viewings. So, as Tashi Duncan would exclaim, “COME ON!”

“Challengers” is now showing in theaters.



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