Windows 11 Introduces Start Menu Ads: Here’s How to Disable Them

It seems like every day brings a new frustration, and the latest Windows 11 update is a prime example of that.

Included in the patch notes for Windows 11 update KB5036980 is a mention that the Start menu will now feature recommended apps from the Windows app store, essentially integrating ads into the start menu.

“The Recommended section of the Start menu will display select Microsoft Store apps. These apps are curated from a small group of developers,” the patch notes stated. “This aims to introduce users to some of the excellent apps available.”

Looking for a solution? Here’s how to disable recommended apps in the Windows 11 Start menu:

1. Navigate to Settings.
2. Click on Personalization.
3. Select Start.
4. Locate the toggle labeled “Show recommendations for tips, app promotions, and more.”
5. Switch the toggle to the off position.

Fortunately, Microsoft provides the option to completely disable these ads. Make sure to utilize it to maintain a clutter-free experience.”



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