Ryan Gosling Takes Carpool Karaoke to New Heights in Stuntman Style

Ryan Gosling’s vocal talents have been showcased in various settings, from Barbie to the Oscars, and even on Saturday Night Live. Now, the acclaimed actor continues his musical journey in a promotional video for “The Fall Guy,” where he portrays a stuntman.

Directed by David Leitch, the clip features Gosling driving around to pick up his fellow stuntmen. “It’s like Carpool Karaoke… without the music,” Leitch jests.

However, Gosling can’t resist singing along to Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” with his stunt team. He first collects Logan Holladay, who dramatically arrives on a motorcycle and then takes over driving duties. Next up is Ben Jenkin, who joins in with enthusiastic vocals after an unexpected encounter. Lastly, Troy Brown completes the crew by literally leaping off a building to join Gosling. When asked about using an elevator instead, Brown humorously explains, “I’m claustrophobic.”

With its blend of stunts and Gosling’s infectious enthusiasm, the clip offers a lively glimpse into what “The Fall Guy” has in store. Mashable Entertainment Editor Kristy Puchko described it as a “gonzo gift to cinema.”

“The Fall Guy” is set to hit theaters on May 3.







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