Connections, the Latest Brain Teaser from The New York Times

Connections, the Latest Brain Teaser from The New York Times

The buzz around Connections, The New York Times’ newest word game, is palpable. This game revolves around discovering the “common threads between words.” Much like Wordle, Connections resets daily at midnight, with each new set of words presenting a progressively tougher challenge. To help you navigate this linguistic labyrinth, we’ve compiled some hints and strategies.

If you’re eager for today’s puzzle, skip to the end of this piece for April 25’s Connections solution. However, if you relish the thrill of solving it yourself, stick around for some helpful cues.

What’s Connections All About?

This daily word game from The NYT has taken social media by storm. Associate puzzle editor Wyna Liu is credited with its creation and integration into the Games section. Playable on both web browsers and mobile devices, Connections tasks players with grouping four words sharing a common trait.

Each puzzle contains 16 words split into four categories, spanning topics like book titles, software, and country names. While multiple words may seem fitting together, only one combination is correct. Guess right, and those words vanish; guess wrong, and it counts as a mistake. Players have up to four mistakes before the game ends.

Players can rearrange and shuffle the board for better insight. Categories are color-coded for difficulty, with yellow being easiest, followed by green, blue, and purple. Similar to Wordle, players can share their results on social media.

Today’s Hint for Connections Categories

Seeking a nudge about the categories without outright disclosure? Try these:

Yellow: Scientific Elements
Green: Central Concepts
Blue: Microsoft Excel Features
Purple: Silent Expressions

Here are Today’s Connections Categories

In need of a little extra guidance? Today’s categories are as follows:

Yellow: Lab Equipment
Green: Nexus
Blue: Spreadsheet Terms
Purple: ___Language

Yearning for Wordle today? Check out the answer to today’s Wordle.

Ready for the Solutions? This is your final opportunity to tackle today’s puzzle before we unveil the answers.

Drumroll, please!

The solution to Connections #319 is…

Spreadsheet Terms: CELL, FORMULA, SHEET, SORT

If you didn’t crack it this time, don’t be disheartened. There’s always a new Connections challenge awaiting you tomorrow, and we’ll be here with more hints to assist you.

If this isn’t the Connections game you sought, here are the hints and answers to yesterday’s Connections.



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