Google Meet switch from desktop to phone

At last, a much-needed enhancement arrives for Google Meet.

Google made an exciting announcement on Wednesday regarding a new update for its video conferencing and calling platform, Google Meet. This update enables users to switch devices seamlessly while connected to a call without interrupting the stream. In essence, individuals can transition between their desktop and mobile devices during a Google Meet session without other participants being aware of the switch.

This update brings Google Meet in line with at least one competitor, Zoom, which has offered a similar feature for several years.

**How to Utilize the Google Meet Device Swapping Feature**

To switch devices, users must be engaged in an active Google Meet call on either desktop or mobile.

1. Open the specific Google Meet page on the secondary device.
2. On that page, users will encounter an option labeled “Switch here.” Selecting this option initiates the transfer of the Google Meet call to the second device and subsequently terminates the call on the first device upon completion of the transfer.

Google Meet users also have the option to remain connected to the call on both devices by accessing “Other joining options” and selecting “Join here too.”

This feature is compatible with desktop computers as well as Android and iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The introduction of this new Google Meet feature seems like a logical step forward. One might question why it wasn’t implemented years ago, especially during the period when remote work and balancing family responsibilities were prevalent. Nevertheless, it’s here now. So, take advantage of the flexibility to move around during a Google Meet call if necessary. Rest assured, nobody will be the wiser!







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