The Apple Vision Pro: A Fading Phenomenon?

Just a couple of months ago, Apple made a bold move by venturing into a completely new product category with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro. Initially, the AR/VR headset garnered widespread attention on social media and received rave reviews from tech enthusiasts, who hailed it as a glimpse into the future of computing. Memes featuring the Apple Vision Pro flooded the internet, including the unforgettable image of a groom wearing it at his wedding.

However, the buzz surrounding the Apple Vision Pro has noticeably dwindled in recent weeks. The reason behind this sudden silence may lie in its lackluster sales performance.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a reputable analyst known for his accurate predictions about Apple, the company has significantly revised down its shipment expectations for the Apple Vision Pro in 2024. Initially projecting sales of up to 800,000 units, Apple now anticipates selling only 400,000 to 450,000 units—a staggering 50% reduction in expectations.

This downward revision is indicative of a broader trend suggesting that the Apple Vision Pro isn’t resonating with consumers as expected. With a starting price of $3,499, the headset is out of reach for many potential buyers, limiting its appeal and shrinking the target market.

Furthermore, data from Google Trends reveals a sharp decline in public interest in the Apple Vision Pro following its launch, signaling a waning enthusiasm for the product.

Even during the high-profile launch event at the 5th Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan, signs of tepid reception were apparent. While there were initial queues, they quickly dissipated, and many attendees seemed more interested in trying out the Apple Vision Pro for the novelty rather than with genuine purchase intent.

As Apple grapples with disappointing sales figures and diminishing interest, the future of its AR/VR headset ambitions remains uncertain. Previous predictions of a new Apple Vision Pro model in 2025 may no longer hold true, leaving Apple’s next moves in this arena unclear.



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