Top Laptops for Video Editing, Vetted by a Pro Editor


Finding the perfect laptop can be daunting, especially when your needs are as specific as video editing. To navigate this sea of options, we consulted Denver McQuaid, an experienced VFX artist and video editor, for his expert advice.

According to McQuaid, a stellar video editing laptop must excel in three key areas: speed, battery life, and display quality. Speed is crucial for seamless editing, achieved through robust RAM, fast processors, and efficient graphics rendering. Solid battery life ensures uninterrupted productivity, while a generous display size provides ample workspace.

When it comes to specifications, McQuaid emphasizes the importance of RAM, processor, and storage. Opt for ample RAM for smooth playback and multitasking, prioritizing processors with multiple cores for enhanced performance. Storage is non-negotiable, with SSDs preferred for speed and reliability.

As for displays, McQuaid stresses color accuracy for consistent results across devices. While most laptop displays meet this standard, it’s still worth considering for professional-grade editing.

While budget-friendly options may seem tempting, McQuaid advises against skimping on quality. Investing in a reliable laptop now can save you from frequent upgrades down the line. Cheap laptops often lack the horsepower needed for serious editing tasks, making them a poor long-term investment.

So, what’s the top pick? According to McQuaid, the new MacBook Pro reigns supreme, thanks to its powerful performance and user-friendly macOS. Even older MacBook Pro models offer solid performance, making them a reliable choice for video editing on the go.

For those outside the Apple ecosystem, there are alternative options to consider. Our comprehensive list features top picks based on rigorous testing and expert recommendations, ensuring you find the perfect laptop for your video editing needs.






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