What’s your K-pop persona?

Curious about which K-pop group member archetype fits you best? Spotify has introduced a fun feature that categorizes users into different personas within a K-pop group.

This feature adopts a nostalgic internet aesthetic and utilizes your responses to questions like, “What do you love most about K-Pop?” and “What’s your ideal first date with your bias?” to identify you as either a Main Rapper, Main Vocal, Main Dancer, or Main Trainee. Each persona is associated with a set of personality traits, with Trainees characterized as “curious” and “youthful,” while Vocals are described as “powerful” and “warm.”

Although the quiz is open to all, Spotify users receive an additional perk of a Fan Role. These roles range from being the New Gen Stan of the Group to being the DJ of the Group. Your K-pop persona and Fan Role are presented to you as vibrant, shareable cards.

This feature is one of many interactive experiences launched by Spotify in recent years to engage diverse fandoms. For instance, last year, it informed fans about their most-streamed Taylor Swift eras.

To discover your K-pop persona, simply navigate to the K-pop persona section on your mobile device. If you’re a Spotify user, ensure you’re logged into your account, answer the five questions, and unveil your role.



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